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Learn More! Show More. Moreover, engaging students can be a challenge, but the good teacher can face that challenge by involving their students in discussions. But the teacher should be very careful and aware about that because some kind of discussions might lead to conflict or mistrust between the students themselves or even teachers; for instance, opening discussion like "Is Apple better than Samsung? With well planned out tasks, and close observation from the teacher that can make fun in class very helpful learning experiences.

Menninger perfectly describe the importance of teachers in education. So What makes a great English language teacher?.

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Although, the classes marital are already chosen from the English school department, it can be helpful to bring in outside material like short stories, or YouTube videos, which are related to the class that will be so helpful. Since the teacher will be represented as a rule model for students, especially in English the teacher have to be charismatic, confident, comfortable speaking in front of the class.

Every student has a variety of talent and needs to get right treatment.

So being an expert teacher needs the capability to handle the different ability levels of students beside to preparing for what you teach. Finally and without a doubt, Homework and assignment activates teaches students how to engage with their studies, problem solve, and think independently to improve their English. Setting homework allows students to revise content learnt during the day and gives them another opportunity to review the class material.

In addition to, homework will teach how to solve problem and use outside resources like a dictionary or the Internet. As a final point, some of the effective English homework help students choose things for themselves, decide on their own, such as find the main idea for long articles, or like what we did in our class, which is every student have to make a lesson for a certain phrasal verb and teach it for a group of students. In addition, the kind of homework is also important. Homework is allows students and teachers to work more closely together. I now feel, after being a teacher of the group in my class and writing this essay.

Moreover, teaching with charisma to inspire students create their own visions about their language. Furthermore, make homework meaningful for students will carries a lot of advantages because it can help students to understanding the topic more thoughtful.

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