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The first one had 4 paragraphs, the second 5. I ended up passing the CLEP with a total score of Make sure citing is perfect, spelling correct, and if possible try not to split infinitives, etc. During the multiple choice section jot down some of the vocabulary, phrases, forms of citing etc.. Hope this helps some!

Good luck! The PDF is 44 pages and is essentially what I have for the College Composition test in my paperback version of the guide. You can use this to see what type of questions there are and the essays should look. Thanks for everybody's replies, I do have the Official study guide and definitely need more work citing.

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Seeing as I am probably adequately prepared for the multiple choice section, I will focus the majority of my time to writing practice essays. What would you have scored the two essays you wrote in the real test? When you took the test, was there a stopping point after the multiple choice section? How similar is the format of the Peterson's online tests to the testing center format?

Scoring CLEP Essays

If by "format" you mean the software, you can download a demo of the software from the CollegeBoard website with a tutorial on how to use it. View a Printable Version. Linear Mode. Threaded Mode. Lost Password?

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  • AP credits for college credits. The essays are part of the computer-based exam and immediately follow the multiple choice section. The essay portion will continue to be scored every two weeks. Students will receive their score report weeks after taking the exam. Students can also receive 6 hours of credit for taking the College Composition Modular CCM exam and scoring a 50 or above if colleges supplement the CCM exam with an essay section available from CLEP or with a writing assessment of their own.

    The CCM exam is the minute, all multiple-choice version. Students will receive an immediate score upon completion of this exam. These essays are handwritten by students and are graded by faculty at the institution that will be awarding credit.

    The passing score has changed for the eight CLEP exams listed below. Students who earn a score of 50 on these exams are now guaranteed credit. CLEP exams are developed by committees of college faculty who design questions based on what is typically covered in lower-level college courses and who set passing standards for the exams scores are no longer based on studies of student performance in college courses.

    With the new computer-based tests, new questions are constantly being added, especially in rapidly-changing fields such as Computer Science. The typical passing score on computer-based CLEP exams for general education purposes is 50, although paper and pencil versions will be different. Before taking any of the exams, meet with your advisors and the school advisors of the University you have in mind to see what courses are transferrable. You may be anxious, like most people, when faced with exams, and like many other tests, the CLEP exams can be intimidating.

    You may feel like you know the work and then take the test and a month later get the news that you have failed. Like any other exam that you take, you must study for the CLEP exams. They are scored on the college level and credit is only given when you pass. If you care about your future, you will prepare for these tests and not take them lightly. These test scores may be the link to your getting that perfect job, or being accepted in an institution of higher learning.

    Consider study guides to help you prepare for the CLEP tests. There are countless online sources to help you.

    CLEP - College-Level Exam Program | University Catalog

    The college board website offers practice tests for you to get an idea of what the exams are like under each subject. If you like the idea of multiple-choice testing, then the CLEP is one of those types of tests. The CLEP exams usually last about 90 minutes and are all done on computer with a multiple-choice platform, except for the written essays which are a mandatory part of the English Composition with Essay exams.

    Students that have prepared for the CLEP exams have reported that the one area that they needed extensive study time was the English Composition with essay tests, and essay preparation. There are study guides that will help you with preparation for English Composition exams and modular, and it is suggested that you practice writing essays before taking this CLEP test. Many students have trouble with writing, you are not alone.

    There are custom writing sites online that can help you with study guides and will critique your writing style to help you study for the CLEP writing exams. Important: Take getting help with the English Composition with Essay exam seriously because it is a minute essay question, followed by a minute multiple choice section.

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    Once you pay for the exam, if you fail you must wait 6-months to retake it. It is best to get help if you know you need it before you take the tests. You are to take two mandatory essay tests with the College Composition exam that is graded by selected professors around the country, and then the grades are combined with your multiple-choice scores.

    There is also a College Composition Modular exam that is graded by your receiving college only with one essay and multiple-choice questions.

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