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For eight years, nothing so bad or good! The fact is that I came every day in the beginning because I needed to, and since then, I have come every day because I want to. Nothing in my life has been as meaningful or fulfilling as seeing people transform their lives by putting down a drink and learning to live sanely.

I hate to think I ever would have missed out on this.

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Why on earth would anyone need to drag me to a meeting, or order me to go, when the rewards for doing so are so immense and intense? The literature talks about younger people coming in and being spared decades of damage to themselves, their lives, and their loved ones thanks to hearing the experiences of those who waited until later in life to get sober. Turns out her own husband had secret, multiple DUIs and she was concerned that if I was an alcoholic, he might be too. AA takes no position on this. If you are desperate enough to go to an AA meeting, it might be a sign that you are powerless over alcohol and that your life is in some way unmanageable.

How does AA work?

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It works just fine. If someone cares to attempt to intellectually decode AA, that is their business. They will come from approximately 80 countries around the world. They represent a fraction of the people who are being helped by AA today, and who have been helped in the 80 years since AA was founded in Akron, Ohio by two hopeless drunks. Think not just of the drinkers themselves, but of the ramifications of sobriety on families, friends, and workplaces. The amount of good AA has done in the world is literally incalculable. To suggest that it is negligible defies reality and sanity.

One more note: Please treat the denouncers with the same amount of scrutiny you apply to AA. The founder of the Moderation Movement, Audrey Kishline, ended up killing two people in a drunk driving accident. AA accepts, and explicitly states in its literature, that for those who are problem drinkers as opposed to alcoholics , moderation is possible. AA is a cult founded by the same people involved in the founding of Scientology. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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Reflection after attending an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting

Search for:. At the end, everyone held hands and repeated the Serenity Prayer aloud. I them walked into the main room. A woman led the group for. Steinburg, Alcoholics Anonymous is mutual aid group that supports individuals in their recovery from alcohol dependence. I attended the meeting alone and was initially very hesitant and uncomfortable with the idea. At the beginning not unexpected occurred really happened. It appeared to be a very informal meeting that everyone seemed to already be acquainted.

Narcotics Anonymous Meetings Can Help Drug Addictions

All the members directed each other by name and I was welcomed by, what seemed to be, a regular attendee as well as a new member. I sat down and initiated. The meeting started at pm and was structured as an open meeting that welcomed beginners. I utilized www.

There were about meetings offered a day within a mile radius of my home zip code. Alcoholics Anonymous: A History, its Implications and the Meeting Support groups, how well do support groups actually benefit individuals and how are these support groups incorporated so that the techniques can actually assist someone? In researching this particular topic of Alcoholic Anonymous the results indicated that there is a diversity of AA groups. Although they all have the same objective there are variations in methods and techniques which are implemented to be able to infiltrate the.

This meeting was held at AM in the morning. The meeting consisted of an eleven step grouping of middle aged men and women ranging from ages 30 to 65 years old.

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There were seven men and thirteen women whose purpose was to practice prayer through the eleventh step of the Big Book. The meeting started out with an introduction. My Bibliography Add to Bibliography. Generate a file for use with external citation management software. Create File. Acad Psychiatry.

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